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Missionary Boys Review

Going to church seems like a really boring thing for many young people. However, these Mormon boys are in it to win it. They are looking for a completely different experience when they go to church.

Instead of worshiping God, they will be worshiping their priest’s hard cock instead. There’s nothing that these priests will stop at to get some of that missionary boy ass, and God only knows how much they want to drill these young twinks raw.

All the action is available in glorious 1080p HD, and the scenes are second to none when it comes to gay Mormon porn.

Missionary Boys Review

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If you want to have some fun as a Mormon, what do you do? You can read the Bible, you can enjoy family-friendly content with your family, or something equally as boring.

But what if you want something else? What if you want something dirtier? Well, then you’re going to have to go to your priest for answers, as these missionary boys do.

When the gay priest hears what these young twinks want, they give them the hardest raw anal sex they can give. That’s the essence of Missionary Boys, but there’s so much more to explore on this website you’re not even aware of.

Shy Religious Twinks in Uniform

First of all, one thing that you immediately notice with all the scenes is the setting. Most movies are filmed in front of a black or white backdrop and it adds a lot of style to the scenes.

It accentuates the Mormon uniform and really lets these missionary boys shine. Literally!

The priests are only there to fuck the young boys and it’s the twink Mormons who are central to the plot of each scene.

There are even movies where there are multiple priests fucking one missionary boy. It also goes the other way around with multiple religious boys pleasing one gay priest with a double blowjob for example. You’ll love exploring all the niche combinations that Missionary Boys offer.

Modern Member’s Area

Let’s talk about the user interface for a little bit. You can’t have a good premium gay porn site without a proper design to go along with it.

Missionary Boys provides an aesthetically pleasing experience while also allowing easy access to all videos. You can easily sort the videos according to how many likes they have, the like ratio, the number of comments they have, or even the popularity in terms of views.

With all these metrics and parameters at play, you can really customize your search here.

You can even search through the models rather than the movies if you have someone special in mind. After you’ve seen a few of these movies you’ll definitely have a few favorite missionary boy models that you enjoy watching.

Your MissionaryBoys.com password may also give you access to other sites in the network such as Family Dick, Latin Leche, Brother Crush, Black Godz, and Young Perps.

Lots of Content and Constant Updates

This site also boasts an incredible amount of porn movies. There are almost 600 movies available for you to watch as of the writing of this review.

That doesn’t mean that Missionary Boys will stop updating anytime soon. On the contrary, they are going to keep pumping out content for as long as people want it.

That’s why you should definitely support them by getting your premium membership today.

If you’re someone who wants to see even more gay priest-on-religious boy action, then you should consider looking through this already existing library of amazing videos.

If the thumbnails are anything to go by, you’ll probably enjoy every single one of these astonishing premium porn videos that Missionary Boys offer here.

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The following bonus sites are included with your membership to Missionary Boys. When you signup to any of these sites, you get instant free access to their entire network of 6 sites.