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Young Perps Review

When young guys are caught stealing they are offered two options. One is to spend their prime in jail. The other option is to take a cock up their ass.

You can imagine that these straight guys go gay in exchange for their freedom.

Sure, some might need more convincing than others, but they all break in the end. Every young perpetrator that walks through the security guard’s door leaves with their asshole looser than before.

Young Perps Review

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Shoplifting seems like a small crime. Petty theft won’t land you in prison, right? Wrong! These young guys thought they could get away with a bit of stealing. They have no idea what kinds of consequences await them after they were caught.

Luckily, these security guards are more than happy to explain what happens to shoplifters in jail. These young straight guys receive an ultimatum: Try gay sex for the first time or go to jail!

Young Shoplifters in Gay Sex with Security Guards

Young Perps owes its success from the taboo nature of the themes in these reality gay porn movies. The criminals are basically coerced into gay sex by the guards.

Many of these guys are completely straight, yet they have to suck a cock and take it up the ass. You can imagine that this can be a very shocking experience for these young shoplifters.

However, if they didn’t want to suck dick then they shouldn’t have been stealing in the first place.

At the end of the day though, it turns out that most of these guys end up enjoying being a bottom in their first gay experience.

Who would’ve guessed that straight guys would enjoy getting fucked up the ass so much?

High-Quality Porn in a Modern Interface

Other than the plots and themes, it’s the quality of the videos themselves which gives you a premium experience. You might have gotten used to shitty quality with free porn, but Young Perps is having none of that.

This site only releases movies in Full HD quality. That’s 1080p with every upload to the platform.

On top of that, there are no confusing layout options. Everything is crisp, clean, and modern. It doesn’t take a lot of effort for you to find the perfect gay porn video by using the features which are offered to you on this website. From sorting mechanisms to collections and even the ability to download, everything Young Perps offers just makes your experience better.

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Lots of Straight to Gay Porn!

You’ll have plenty of content to go through. While 85 videos might not seem like a huge number, these movies are really long.

It’s not like free porn where you get two minutes of content per video. This is professional and exclusive gay porn where the episodes can last for an hour or longer.

The whole build-up to the actual sex is really long as well. This makes the pay-off feel a lot more rewarding in the end.

You’ll find yourself busting some of the biggest loads to this content for this reason. On top of that, they update regularly!

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The following bonus sites are included with your membership to Young Perps. When you signup to any of these sites, you get instant free access to their entire network of 6 sites.